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    25+ years of experience

    With over 25+ years of experience, we know what it means to deliver an exceptional product and service. With AOL Lighting, we have experience in smart lighting solutions, residential and commercial lighting design and installation, holiday lighting and more. So contact us today, to learn how we can transform your landscape into a nighttime masterpiece that commands envy from everyone who sees it.

    What We Provide

    Customized Lighting Design and Installation

    Our team of experienced designers works with you to create a customized landscape lighting design that reflects your style and preferences and makes your property shine. We consider the unique features of your property and incorporate them into a design that is both beautiful and functional.

    Garden Lighting Installation

    Adding a set of lights to your outdoor garden really allows for the aesthetic to shine through. With AOL, we can incorporate Garden Lighting to enhance the beauty of your garden when the sun goes down.

    Path Lighting

    Experience enchanting pathways with our “Path Design lighting service. Our experts blend aesthetics and function to illuminate and guide your outdoor space. Transform landscapes into mesmerizing nocturnal masterpieces with artfully placed fixtures. Path Lights work great for areas near lamp posts, driveways, steps and near hardscape features.

    Commercial Property Lighting Design and Installation

    Unveil your commercial property’s full potential through our exceptional outdoor lighting services. Our experts design and install landscape lighting solutions that redefine spaces, enhancing aesthetics and security. Elevate your property with our illuminating artistry. , pruning, and fertilization. We use only the best techniques and equipment to ensure your property looks its best all year round.

    Enhanced Security Lighting

    Empower your home’s security with our cutting-edge lighting services. Strategically placed outdoor lights deter intruders and provide enhanced visibility, ensuring a safer environment for your loved ones. Discover peace of mind through our expertly illuminated solutions.

    Holiday and Event Lighting

    Elevate your celebrations with our holiday and event lighting services. Our expert team turns occasions into enchanting experiences, adorning your spaces with dazzling lights that capture the essence of joy. From festive holidays to special gatherings, we illuminate your moments with brilliance and create lasting memories.

    Smart Lighting Solutions

    In 2023, it seems as though everything can be controlled through your smartphone. So why shouldn’t your lighting be the same? With our SmartLighting solutions, you can control your lighting from anywhere in the world, at any time.

    Traditional and Niche Fixtures

    Long gone are the days, where the consumer is only limited to a small group of fixtures. At AOL Lighting, we stay up-to-date on industry trends, and offer niche fixtures, so your property will be a trending topic for years to come.